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I am cow
Hear me moo
I weigh twice as much
As you
And I look good
On the barbeque~

Yogurt, curd, cream
Cheese and butter
Made from liquids
From my udders

I am cow
I am cow
Hear me moo~

...Happy April 1st!
Hello, :iconhanafa732: is here again to interrupt your reading time before it even began. Well, given the format of the written piece, I was unable to fit in the details of two important aspects and decided to inform you on them right now before anything else:

The setting- The following written content will take place around the center of a mountain valley, probably beyond our reality. There will be nothing in this valley (no lakes, no trees, no rocks, etc.) except a thick layer of snow.

The "singer"- If the title didn't tip you off already, the writing piece will revolve around a fictional son between Jack Frost and Elsa. Whether you knew or not, I'm pretty sure you can imagine what "he" looks like, so I won't say anything about his appearance. However, I do want to say that the boy will carry a wooden staff with him, like his "father". The only difference is that his staff is only waist high without the hook.

Well, that is all I wanted to say.
 Happy reading!

(Intro music): A small cloud of snow falls from the starless sky into the valley. As the cloud touches the ground, the snow subsides to reveal 
our singer in a prep school uniform. He gets up, brushes the snow off his pants and begins to walk at a steady pace.

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight                    *The boy sings 
as he 
Not a footprint to be seen                                                    looks at his surroundings*
A kingdom of isolation,                                                      *He continues walking*
And it looks like I'm the king.                                             *Stops and raises both hands up submissively*

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside                *Takes a few steps with a strong wind from behind*
I couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried!                          *Gently rubs staff creating a thin layer of frost on it. Upon                                                                                                                                                               progression of following verse, ice layer will thicken*

Don't let them in, don't let them see                                   *Raises both hands defensively and pushes them*
Be the good guy you always have to be                               *Wags left finger*
Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know                              *Balls left fist, flicks it, then looks down at staff*
Well, now they know!                                                        *Raises his staff to turn it into an ice guitar*

Let it go, let it go                                                              *The boy is now playing his newfound instrument
Can't hold it back anymore                                                  and as he does so the snow beneath him 
Let it go, let it go                                                                will ripple in soundlike motion*
Turn away and slam the door!                                            *Leans back a little after singing line*

I don't care                                                                       *The ripples stop and ice ridges edge out of the ground
What they're going to say                                                     to resemble an icy rose from above*
Let the storm rage on,                                                       *Boy continues playing guitar*
The cold never bothered me anyway!                                  *Reverts edges back to flat snow with a movement of right hand*

(Instruments)                                                                   *Happily hops forward with guitar*

It's funny how some distance                                             *Stops hopping*
Makes everything seem small                                             *Turns around to see his previous footprints*
And the fears that once controlled me                                 *Gives a look of playful thinking*
Can't get to me at all!                                                        *Jumps and slides on prints to create a low ice platform*

It's time to see what I can do                                             *He stands on the platform 
To test the limits and break through                                      as it grows in height*
No wrong, no right, no rules for me I'm free!                       *Turns left, turns right, then faces forward and straightens up*

Let it go, let it go                                                               *Resumes playing while on the back corners of the platform two 
I am one with the wind and sky                                             pillars grow out and bend perpendicularly to each other* 
Let it go, let it go                                                               *Pillars meet and seal themselves at center to create a frame*
You'll never see me cry!                                                     *Singer continues singing and playing guitar*

Here I stand                                                                     *Jumps and stomps onto the center of the platform
And here I'll stay                                                                 to transform everything into an outdoor stage*
Let the storm rage on!                                                       *Looks onward towards the snow covered plain before him with
                                                                                          another look of playful creativity*

(Instruments)                                                                    *Conjures a mound of ice that will continually grow bigger from the                                                                                                                                               ground*

My power flurries through the air into the ground                  *Happily taps stage with feet as mound develops a neck and feet*
My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around                    *Mound develops thick, curved tail and scale pattern on surface*
And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast                        *Wings grow out of ice dragon (for that is what it is)*
I'm never going back,                                                         *Continues strumming guitar*
The past is in the past!                                                       *Singer's vocal blast conjures a field of ice roses around dragon*

Let it go, let it go                                                                *Singer resumes playing guitar*
And I'll rise like the break of dawn                                        *A swirl of snow falls on him from above*
Let it go, let it go                                                                *Snow thickens and envelops him*
That perfect boy is gone!                                                     *Singing is muffled under a cocoon of ice*

Here I stand                                                                       *Bursts out in a rocker's outfit*
In the light of day                                                               *Takes a couple steps forward and strums a little*
Let the storm rage on,                                                        *Upon vocal blast, the general area erupts in snow*
The cold never bothered me anyway!                                   *Happily stands amidst the falling of snow resembling white rose                                                                                                                                                     petals*
Jelsa's Rocker-boy
Me: *Claps hands* Wonderful, excellent performance. Alright, who's gonna drag the little truant back to prep school? Will it be Daddy Jack? Auntie Anna? Ooh, how about Uncle North and Bunny?

...anyways, it's my first deviation of 2015 and I hope you liked it.

So I didn't really tell you, but around the fall of 2014 I got addicted to the work of a Youtuber usernamed Natewantstobattle. I listened to all of his music videos including, of course, his rock cover of "Let It Go" (I saved it for the winter though). Shortly after listening, I realized that a couple of other youtubers made animations for his song.  Although I'll give them credit for their efforts, I was a bit disappointed that these animations focused only on the male aspect of his cover. Then one day, I closed my eyes while listening to this song and imagined a rebel guitar player in a snowy setting which thus lead to the sequence you see now.

I'm not sure if you guys will raise an eyebrow at the elements I incorporated from sources other than Frozen, but just in case you do, let me explain:

The rose - In the Danish fairytale The Snow Queen, aka the story Frozen is based on, the rose was a theme that symbolized the love and friendship held between the main characters Kai and Gerta.

The ice dragon- ...something from one of my original winter writings

Frozen and "Let it Go" copyright Disney and whatever side studio they used for the making
Music piece used is written by Robert and Kristen Lopez and the rock arrangement is an original work by Nate Smith
Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians is a character copyrighted to Dreamworks

Featuring the young members of Hetalia's ACE trio!

Hi, fellow readers. :iconhanafa732: is here again with another Christmas video script draft. That said, here is the track that's meant to be listened to alongside the following written material:  . Happy reading!

First verse: Modern, preteen Alfred rushes down the stairway of his home while trying to put on his snow pants. Upon reaching well dressed Matthew at the front door, Alfred pauses to properly adjusts his pants and then speedily dresses on his coat, scarf and boots. He then bursts out the door and his sky blue eyes sparkle as a mild snow shower falls on him. That sparkle disappears when Alfred gets snowballed by preteen Gilbert. They break out in a fun snowball fight and Mathias joins them.

First chorus: During the snowball fight, Alfred does a 360 spin on his icy driveway to avoid a projectile. He follows that spin with a jeer that has him leaning forward and pointing at his playmates. Unfortunatly for Alfred, he holds that pose for only a second before randomly slipping and falling. Alfred is then sitting on the front steps of his house with a big bandage on his nose. He sucks on an ordinary candy cane while watching Gilbert and Mathias play among themselves. 

Second verse: On top of a hill, Matthew props himself onto a sled with Kumajiro in front of him. In between the polar bear's paws is a small thermos. Matthew shifts his weight forward a couple of times before the sled starts moving on its own down the hill. Upon reaching the bottom, Matthew looks up to see that the sky had cleared up and the moon is shining down. Later on, he gently wipes his nose as he trudges on the sidewalk with the sled and polar bear in tow. Upon seeing the well lit front of his house, he smiles.

Second chorus: Matthew then sits on the snowy yard and happily sighs at the sight of another mild snow shower. During that time, Alfred sneaks up from behind and shoves some snow down Matthew's coat. While Matthew squirms and rolls around in discomfort, Kumajiro simply watches while helping himself to the hot chocolate in the thermos.

Bridge: Alfred curiously pokes a very large, gift wrapped box labeled "To Arthur, From Francis and Friends". Both Alfred and Matthew are now indoors and in their pajamas. The former still has his bandaged nose while the latter has a blanket wrapped around him and Kumajiro. In front of them, Arthur finishes piling logs into the fireplace and lights a match. Then he places the match on the logs and gently blows on the burning wood before getting a blaze. The blaze quickly becomes a proper fire, and Arthur sits back proudly. While doing so, he beckons Alfred and Matthew to come. The boys respond by moving up to either side of him. There the three of them share a heartwarming hug.

Final chorus: Arthur excitingly unwraps the large box, but then he twitches an eyebrow upon realizing the contents are all socks. Alfred and Matthew happily join him at either side with the former holding a large plate of sugar cookies. Upon seeing them, Arthur's irritation subsides, and the three of them enjoy the cookies as well as the Christmas day that is upon them.

Thanks for reading and a Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Peppermint Winter Act
Upon submitting "Christmas Makes Me Cry" into Deviantart, I realized I had the time to squeeze another holiday work into my gallery. The music I originally had my mind on was a more upbeat song made by the same band:…;. "Light of Christmas" by Owl City and Tobymac not only has a catchy, modern tune, but also lyrics that try to capture the charitable side of Christmas along with the fun loving side. However, I realized I had very little time on my hands to think up of visual details for a song so fast tempoed. So instead, I settled with "Peppermint Winter" for its equally lighthearted tone.

Well, enough of me talking about my losses. *starts playing "Christmas this Year"… * Come on now. Everybody, let's get up, clap our hands and celebrate because Christmas day is almost upon us. Whoo! *Starts to sing*

Alfred/America, Matthew/Canada and Arthur/England belong to Hidekaz Himuraya (A Merry Christmas to him and his cats)
"Peppermint Winter" copyright Adam Young and his band Owl City

A Christmas video script featuring Hetalia and Reader

Hello everyone, :iconhanafa732: here. I just want to inform you that the following written content is meant to be visualized alongside the song posted below, since it is more or less a description of what I imagined while listening to the track. I also want to warn you that this reader insert will involve having you lipsync in a church where a Christmas service will take place, just in case you feel uncomfortable with the idea. With that in mind, I hope you'll enjoy this written piece and thanks for reading.

First verse:  (Name) pulls an old album photo from a book shelf.  She looks down briefly at it before turning to her host, Feliciano (at her right), and mouths "Can I look?" and he nods. They both settle on the sofa and open the album. As (name) pages through the pictures of Feliciano and his grandfather, Feliciano starts to tear. 

Second verse: Alfred stands in front of a different house as the door opens from behind by Veteran!Ludwig. The latter has dog-tags draped round his neck and his right leg in a cast. The man outside kindly offers a boquet of flowers and scene changes to the two being at a cemetary, with Alfred lowering the flowers in front of a grave. He then turns to see Ludwig standing behind him and tearing up.

Chorus: (Name) and Alfred will lipsync the lyrics. (Name) will do so in an indoor setting while Alfred does it outdoors. Halfway through the chorus, both will close their eyes and lift up their chins.

Third verse: Quick sighting of Vash Zwingli and his sister sitting happily on a bench. Followed by (Name)'s and Alfred's appearence in separate locations of the town. Scene changes to a penitentiary, where Prisoner!Gilbert lightly brushes his hand against the whitewashed brick of his cell. A baton lightly raps against his door and he turns to look. PrisonWarden!England smiles gently and offers Gilbert a thermos of hot cocoa. Gilbert smiles, takes the cocoa and the two shake hands. 

Second chorus: (Name) and Alfred would lipsync the lyrics from their placement in the town scape. Halfway through the chorus, both would lift up their arms as well as their faces.

Final verse: (Name) gently grasps a railing as she looks at a nativity scene set in front of a church. While doing so, she lipsyncs the lyrics and Alfred would join her in the viewing. Both will then contemplatively look up at the image of a cross. Upon the last line, both "singers" will turn to each other.

Final Chorus: (Name) and Alfred are now lipsyncing the lyrics within the church sanctuary. Both of them have microphones in their hands and they are facing each other in their act to perform a duet. Alongside them singing, there are also brief scenes of other Hetalia members entering the Church and interacting with one another. For example, Feliciano helps Ludwig remove his coat and find a comfortable seat. At the repeat of the final line, everyone officially settles down for "service" and both "singers" give each other a hug while tearing up.
Christmas Makes Me Cry
I hope that you readers appreciated the simple format I had in my writing. I originally wanted to write this as a proper script (… ), but upon research, I felt too lazy to learn the format and apply it on this non-dialogue based writing. There was also a part of me that wanted to be very specific on details like camera angling and wardrobe. The reason why I didn't write so much was because the key to your enjoyment would your imagination. Since every mind has it's differences, rather than forcing you to think exactly what I imagined while hearing this song, it was better for me to keep writing simple, to a minimum, and let you guys visualize what you read into your own unique experience. 

With that said, a Merry Christmas to you all and for those who don't celebrate, Happy Holidays.

Hetalia copyright Hidekaz Himuraya
Credit for the song goes to the singer Mandisa and Sparrow Records
  • Listening to: Barlow Girl - O Holy Night
  • Drinking: Hot Water
Hey guys, I hope for all of you Americans that you were able to enjoy the last four days off. I know I have.

I spent my Thanksgiving day with my paternal relatives. We arrived at my Aunt's house at about one and enjoyed a lunch of dim sum that my Uncle had bought before his family left Chinatown. The highlights of this year's family gathering was playing Heads Up Charades with my brothers and cousins. We played the game during the late evening before coming into the kitchen to eat dinner. There was shrimp with edemame, three cup chicken, rice, greens, soda etc (and for those who are curious, no turkey). Most of us kids ate in the family room where we could watch How to Train Your Dragon 2. I have never watched that movie before and can now see why it was so popular among deviants. Soon after the movie ended, there was dessert and then my family had to leave. 

On Friday, nothing much other than catching up on sleep and household chores. On Saturday, we set up and decorated the Christmas Tree in my house and on Sunday, I learned how to play a new Indie card game (don't know the title) and won a round (by dumb luck and help from an experienced player).

Well, in the face of tonight and tomorrow, I hope that everybody has a good night sleep and thank you for reading this.


Susan Wong
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United States
Three Interesting Things about Myself:

1) My main pet peev is seeing dead worms while washing vegetables.
2) I once used a Sunday School lesson in an English presentation
3) I was licked by a bird (a sweet, little parakeet)
I am cow
Hear me moo
I weigh twice as much
As you
And I look good
On the barbeque~

Yogurt, curd, cream
Cheese and butter
Made from liquids
From my udders

I am cow
I am cow
Hear me moo~

...Happy April 1st!

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